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5th Annual Southeast Physician Advisor Symposium: April 25-27, 2016

Announcing SEPAS in the Spring, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 SEPAS website. We are excited to announce a new date for this upcoming symposium. Not that our weather is bad in January, but in past years many of our Northern participants have had travel difficulties in arriving to the event and returning to home. This year, we will move our event to the spring to allow everyone to experience the South Carolina springtime.

Though we are introducing a new timeframe, the caliber of our nationally-acclaimed faculty will not change and the content of our topics will be aligned to help us all define the roles of the Physician Advisor. We are finalizing our agenda and expect to have that launched in the coming days.

So please make plans to join us in the spring and keep an eye on the website for additional details!

E.G. “Nick” Ulmer, Jr., M.D., C.P.C.

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Faculty Connection: James Kennedy, M.D., CCS, CDIP

All – Jim Kennedy is back again for our 2015 Symposium after getting rave reviews in 2014. Many “Bring him back!” comments were heard from our last symposium, and when the audience has such an overwhelming show of support it is hard for us to not invite a Faculty member back for a repeat performance.  Dr. Kennedy will come this year to talk about Hierarchical Condition Categories and touch on some ICD-19 strategies about appropriate…